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PHI data at Retail Pharmacies

As a part of NCPDP programmes going across there is a need to capture clinical data for measuring outcomes to ensure patient progress being reported back enabling proof for correct MTM and outcomes getting reported back.

As a mandate enrolled by Pharmacies, a busy Pharmacy was wanting to have the Clinical data of patients being captured at the store  specifics to vitals as one of the parts like SPO2, HR, Temperature, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, BMI and other details at a quick speed.

Collecting Protected Health Information (PHI) data through a mobile kiosk app at retail pharmacies to speed up the clinical data capture besides other questionnaire was an innovative concept planned. However building this required careful consideration of data privacy and security concerns. The app was capable to integrate with devise over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) medical devices like:

  1. Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors
  2. Bluetooth-enabled glucose meters
  3. Bluetooth-enabled thermometers
  4. Bluetooth-enabled scales
  5. Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeters

Some important steps that were ensured:

  1. Ensure App Security: The mobile app was developed using secure coding practices and the latest security standards. App security features such as data encryption, biometric authentication, and two-factor authentication were implemented.
  2. Obtain Patient Consent: The app included a patient consent form that patients signed before their PHI data was collected. The consent outlined what all data will be collected and how it will be used.
  3. Limit Data Collection: Only collected the minimum amount of data necessary to provide the service. We recommended Retail pharmacies to ensure that they are collecting only the necessary PHI data required to provide the service and compliance to Clinical Data as a part of program enrolled.
  4. Data Storage: PHI data should was stored in a secure and encrypted server with entire data encrypted using Mongo Atlas services. The servers were monitored for unauthorized access or data breaches and restricted ip access.
  5. Compliance with HIPAA: The mobile app was made to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. HIPAA mandates specific privacy and security rules that were followed when handling PHI data.
  6. Regular Updates: The app was updated regularly with the latest security patches to protect against vulnerabilities.
  7. Staff Training: Retail pharmacies staff were trained to ensure that they understand the importance of protecting PHI data and how to handle it properly.

By following these steps, the busy retail pharmacy could ensure protected and high throughput for the Clinical Data capture in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


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