Cloud Transformation

Our team of experts specializes in guiding businesses through a seamless transition to cloud-based infrastructure, empowering them to break free from the limitations of traditional IT.


At Rite Technologies, we specialize in helping organizations embrace DevOps, achieving seamless collaboration between development and operations teams for accelerated innovation, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Analytics & AI

At Rite Technologies, we specialize in harnessing the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to drive insights, innovation, and growth for your businesses. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in data-driven decision-making, we help companies like yours to unlock the full potential of your data and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Test Automation Services

At Rite Technologies, we specialize in comprehensive test automation services designed to streamline software testing processes for businesses. Our team of experienced test automation engineers leverages industry-leading tools and frameworks to develop robust automated test scripts that cover functional and non-functional aspects of your software applications, including web, mobile, and desktop.

API Development

At Rite Technologies, we understand the importance of effective API development in today’s digital landscape, where seamless integration and connectivity are key to driving business success. We provide top-notch API development services that will help you unlock the full potential of your business.


At Rite Technologies, we are passionate about helping businesses leverage the full potential of the cloud through our impactful cloud transformation services. Our team of experts specializes in guiding businesses through a seamless transition to cloud-based infrastructure, empowering them to break free from the limitations of traditional IT.


At Rite Technologies, we have been working with many product engineering customers and have a proven track record of empowering them by reengineering their legacy products and revitalizing their business processes. 

cyber security

At Rite, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding businesses like yours from the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape. Safeguarding your sensitive data, intellectual property, and reputation from malicious actors. 

UX Consulting

At Rite Technologies, we are passionate about creating exceptional digital experiences that captivate and engage users. With our expertise in user research, design, and testing, we help businesses like yours unlock the full potential of their digital products and services.

Our Services

Cloud Transformation

Cloud provides enhanced security and Automation builds to prevent any human errors and external intrusions


Agile Development is the default norm in Software Industry today due to the dynamism in today’s businesses.

Analytics & AI

The Expert products we build are domain agnostic and they find usage is business verticals like health care, pharmacy, retail, Logistics and pharmacy etc.

Test Automation Services

Test automation is the process of using software tools and scripts to automate the execution of tests in a software application.

Cyber Security

We understand the critical importance of safeguarding businesses like yours from the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape. 


We are a team of experienced software consultants who specialize in helping businesses of all sizes develop, implement, and manage software solutions that drive business success.


RITE has been helping its end clients to reengineer their legacy products and helping   them innovate their business process and updating their existing software product to goals of their existing customers.

API Development

Developing Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating the old legacy systems with its next generation Web Interface and generating Analytics with combination of legacy and Next generation Applications.

UX Consulting

The benefits of the UX design process are numerous and can have a significant impact on the success of a product or service.

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Our Valued Customers

"Rite Technologies has revolutionized our cash logistics operations. Their automation software streamlined our processes, reduced errors, and improved efficiency. The integrated solution provided real-time tracking, automated reconciliation, and insightful reporting. Their dedicated support ensured a smooth transition. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to automate their cash logistics.

COO – Cash Logistics Co

"Thanks to Rite Technologies, our Clinical Trials enrolment process was transformed within an impressive timeline of just 3 months. Their innovative and critical thinking, combined with agile principles, ensured that initial enrolments commenced within a remarkable 15-day timeframe. Without Rite, delivering enrolments for our customers would have been impossible. Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in our success."

President Prowise Solutions Inc

"I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Rite Technologies for their exceptional implementation of our IPO module for GSEC and TBILL. The quality of their work and the level of coordination demonstrated by their team have truly impressed me. Not only did they thoroughly understand our entire process for improvement, but they also documented it meticulously and swiftly provided solutions to meet our security requirements. Their efficiency allowed our team to focus on our core business operations. We are extremely pleased with the outcomes achieved in record time. Thank you, Rite Technologies, for your outstanding service."

Sr. VP Product Choice Tech Labs

"I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Rite Team for seamlessly integrating with our own team and effectively handling critical deliveries and roles. We were thoroughly impressed with their high level of professionalism, ownership, innovation, and commitment to quality. It is evident that these qualities are deeply ingrained in the organization's strong leadership and DNA. We would be more than delighted to partner with Rite again in the future."

Director of Operations SwiftWIN Solutions Inc

"I am absolutely thrilled with the engagement and outcomes of the UX consulting and design sprints we conducted with Rite Technologies. Working with them was an absolute delight. Their team proved to be one of the most innovative, flexible, and inquisitive groups of professionals we have ever collaborated with. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend them and would gladly introduce them to our network. Keep up the fantastic work!"

Chief Product Officer OT

"I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Rite Technologies for their outstanding work in building a critical design component for our project within an incredibly short timeframe. They swiftly grasped the broad requirements and intricacies of our architecture, resulting in the development of an exceptionally well-designed component that seamlessly fit into our existing system. This allowed us to concentrate on the business needs of the project without worrying about the technical complexities. Furthermore, Rite Technologies went above and beyond by proactively assisting with the integration of the component into our architecture, ensuring our overall success. We are genuinely delighted with the outcomes achieved, and I am truly grateful for their expertise and dedication."

CEO –  Large IT Service Company

“Rite Technologies has been an exceptional ally throughout our entire journey so far. They came to our aid when our previous vendor withdrew their support, and not only did Rite Technologies swiftly grasp our requirements, but they also took charge of the entire development process, release management, and evaluation of vendor products, enabling us to reach our targets. Rite Technologies has truly become our most reliable team, seamlessly integrating with us in every aspect. I am profoundly grateful for the leadership that has cultivated such a remarkable organizational culture and DNA.”

Deepak Arora – CEO / Founder Wearable Technologies Inc

“The Rite team have been key partners to Micro Merchant Systems for more than a decade. As a full lifecycle product development team, they’re more than just a technology partner - they’re a business partner. In addition to software development, their support in the form of market analysis, customer validation, user behavior research, do more than just help us build products - they make our products better.”

CTO Micro Merchant Systems

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