With over 60 years of collective experience in the Financial Services industry, Rite Technologies is a trusted partner in delivering innovative solutions. Our expertise spans various areas within the Financial Services landscape, where we have gained invaluable insights through collaboration with our clients.


Our specialized focus includes order routing systems, exchange connectivity, trade settlements, and the development of customer-facing portals and applications. We provide comprehensive solutions that cover the entire spectrum of the broker-dealer space.


We possess a deep understanding of credit management for both retail and institutional sectors. Our solutions address the specific needs and challenges faced in this area.


Leveraging our expertise in financial services and logistics, we offer comprehensive solutions in cash logistics management. Our expertise includes in contract management, personnel and vehicle onboarding and verification, route planning, tracking, cash replenishment, cash pickup and deposit management, vaulting services integration, and daily route reconciliation. We employ advanced analytics to detect potential frauds, theafts and identify trends.

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