With over 125 years of collective experience in the healthcare industry, Rite Technologies is a trusted partner in delivering innovative solutions. Our expertise is focused on various areas within the healthcare landscape, where we have gained valuable insights and knowledge through collaboration with our clients.


We specialize in end-to-end solutions for retail pharmacies, covering every aspect from prescription creation and verification to claims transmission, dispensing, delivery, copay collections, and compliance with regulations. Our comprehensive understanding extends to individual stores, groups, chains, long-term care facilities, and specialty pharmacies, with seamless integration points including IVR systems, robotic dispensing, packaging, and shipping.


We excel in facilitating clinical trials enrolment by designing programs, setting up eligibility criteria, supporting multiple languages, and implementing dynamic questionnaires to qualify or disqualify participants. Our solutions provide valuable insights and analytics, helping identify optimal patient recruitment strategies and maximizing trial success.


Rite Technologies is well-versed in capturing various health parameters, such as SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure, humidity, temperature, blood sugar levels, and GPS data. We leverage custom and standard wearables, along with manual data entry, to create comprehensive health IoT solutions. By applying advanced algorithms and analytics, we enable the development of purpose-built applications to enhance patient care.

At Rite Technologies, we have a deep understanding of healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, DEA, FDA, State Board of Pharmacy Regulations, DQSA, and PDMPs. We also have expertise in integrating with industry standards such as HL7, NCPDP, FHIR, ORTF, and EDI. Our compliance knowledge extends beyond the United States, allowing us to quickly adapt and serve other regions seamlessly.

Partner with Rite Technologies to embark on a transformative journey towards a scalable and modernized future for your systems, products, and platforms. Benefit from our expertise, dedication to excellence, and relentless pursuit of new opportunities. Experience operational efficiency and drive unprecedented success in the digital age.

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