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Stock Rite, an Inventory Management App which bring simplicity and focus more on your job getting done…..

As Rite aligns with the objective of going green, we have strengthened our roots of going digital. So, we look forward to co-create a paperless world with better innovative solutions to manage businesses hassle free…

One such initiative is the Kuru App for Facilities Management, a hi-tech hassle free solution

TrackRite is an innovative platform to track you personnel and assets across the globe.

TrackRite allows you tracking assets and personnel during specified hours and ensures you have complete track of your personnel and/or assets at any times with minimal or no capital investments.

In the digital age there is very little or no scope for paper work and keeping track of small expenses for daily chores or sharing bills with friends could be challenging….

That’s where HISAAB App comes in handy…

Zero Queue, an Appointment booking platform which can onboard any retail outlet having either their existing website or Google Business details to book and manage a no queue planned and secured experience at their outlet. The cost of setup and integration of the platform is zero or near zero.

Ride brings to you the latest safety and antitheft features that not only helps to keep your bike safe and secure but also helps you monitor and control your bike from any were and at any time directly on our App.

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