We perfectly understand the situations customer/prospective go through while short-listing, evaluating and awarding a contract to any vendor

Our Philosophy

At RITE we always believe in

  • Delivering it RIGHT the very first time
  • The last taste remembered by our customer shall be our Quality and engagement experience
  • Being a partner for Customer goals not just a vendor
  • Engaging for business objectives rather than just limiting to project objectives
  • Providing end to end ownership to serve the customer needs
  • Maintaining strong partner and consultant network to ensure satisfaction of customer needs
  • Understanding and adopting customer processes initially and then provide value add/standardisation over time

Our Precautions

At RITE we understand that when engaging with our customers the customer needs to disclose lot of proprietary information and IP which is required to be protected.

At Rite we ensure

  • Robust employee selection process having ethical valuation done
  • NDA and IP Contracts with customers and have them back to back with employees
  • Have workshops and sessions regularly with staff about importance of IP of customers and the impacts it can have due to negligence
  • Extend NDA with contractors/consultants if required post customer agreement
  • Physical and Digital security as per customer needs

Our Engagement Approach

At Rite we understand every organization in the world has different philosophies and outlook towards others having a right match for long-term requires time and trust. We generally suggest our customers the following approach which has worked the best till date. With this in place we can then go forward to different stages of partnering with our customers

  •  Start with one project with set objectives for delivery, quality, processes and engagement
  • Realize/Measure the objectives
  • Correct/re-factor mutually
  • Replicate learning(s) across rest of engagements
  • Contribute value and standardization to customer
  • Have periodic Senior Management reviews

Staff Augmentation

RITE provides individual profiles for various roles that will be managed by the client for specified period of time.

Development Factory

RITE delivers unit tested software components based on specifications provided by the client.

Project Delivery

RITE delivers end-to-end solutions including complete life-cycle of the developments from requirement till production deployment.

Portfolio Delivery

RITE managed portfolio of projects/programs for specific domain across various competencies like strategic consulting, project delivery, production support etc.

Right Governance

Success for any engagement requires right vision , skills and values across entities. For ensuring success to any assignment, delivery or engagement it is very important to have a right governance model from both the ends to ensure success for the objectives. At Rite Technologies we suggest governance model per engagement/project but a representative model would look like


Our Delivery Quality

At Rite we understand there are thousands of shops around the globe with hundreds of certificates and millions of promises made to the clients for delivering the best solution by following the best practices (ISO, CMMi and more). However the ground reality is understood at later stage.

RITE believes in one philosophy very strongly “Bitterness of poor quality remains long after sweetness of low price is forgotten”. So do things right the first time and ensure the customer is there for life with you.

With the above in mind and questions on Certifications RITE has come up with its Total Quality Integration which implements the quality which is required and is the biggest commitment towards the customers and employees to grow stronger.


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