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A leading Indian Depository was facing challenges from various ends for their end-to-end efficiency across all the departments. The departments and processes cutting across were getting stuck and the delays were creating cross department escalations and service delays to their customers Depository Participants, Beneficial owners, Regulatory responses and compliances. All the work being done was across different emails and excel sheets floating in email and getting lost out in the entire flow.

Rite team took a deep dive into the entire problem areas and understood from different stakeholders and department heads for their goals and bottlenecks and redrew and automated workflows ensuring details tracking of processes along with corresponding documents are a part of the workflow and speedy actions can be taken up by all the stake holders. By virtue of understanding the departments , Rite was able to know entire business domain they worked in and gained the knowledge to help any other depositories.

Rite presented them with Cutting-edge technological solution comprising following:

  1. Share Point based architecture
  2. ASP.NET custom form integration
  3. Windows authentication for existing applications
  4. Migration from legacy systems to the latest ones.
  5. Entire workflowbased automation


With this Backoffice system Rite was able to provide:

  1. The humongous data in a concise form in a single-window
  2. Data Fetching and Generation at a click of the button
  3. Seamless integration with various applications and databases across departments
  4. Accurate and real-time information to the Management at any point of time
  5. Identification of the critical paths and bottlenecks and display the same over dashboards for the user to make informed decisions
  6. Ensure tech stack is manageable for future maintenance
  7. Automation for manual data entry and time-consuming repetitive tasks for better workflow driven approach
  8. Authentication and role-based user access; for better security and ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential


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