Case Studies

Clinical Trials Enrollment

Business Problem: – Client wanted to launch a differentiator model of connecting hospitals, doctors and administrators to facilitate online clinical trials enrollment and marketing. For that they wanted a system very dynamic to generate and render configurable study and questions for patient enrollment.

Rite Technologies’ Solution: Apart from using the right technology, the most important thing is to make the initial site ready in 15 days and then gradually release the entire site in 3 months which followed agile methodology.

Applicable Parameters

  1. Content Managed website for drug trials
  2. One of the leading Pharma Client wants to deploy clinical trial for around 350 drugs in 3 months timeframe
  3. Looking for factory model to develop website for all the 350 drug trials
  4. A blend of initial hard-coding and then framework integration to ensure the launch of first product was in 15 days.


  1. Dynamic Questioner and control
  2. Multilingual website – customized for various languages
  3. Allows different studies to be defined with different questionnaires
  4. Fully content managed website – can be modified for various drug trials within 3 days
  5. Easy to host website


Mould Rack Automation

Case StudiesProblem Statement: The client, a manufacturer specializing in mould machines and engineering machines specializing in the plastic industry, deals with many customers requiring their machines to build various products. However, building a new product...

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PHI data at Retail Pharmacies

PHI data at Retail Pharmacies

Case StudiesAs a part of NCPDP programmes going across there is a need to capture clinical data for measuring outcomes to ensure patient progress being reported back enabling proof for correct MTM and outcomes getting reported back. As a mandate enrolled by...

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Payment Integration for Retail Pharmacy

Payment Integration for Retail Pharmacy

Case StudiesOne of our customers in Pharmacy Management system needed to integrate card present payment integration in a POS system involving a small retail pharmacy that was struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for card payments. The business had...

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FHIR Facade on Existing Retail Pharmacy database

FHIR Facade on Existing Retail Pharmacy database

Case StudiesOne example of using a FHIR facade on an existing retail pharmacy database is the case of Fred's Pharmacy, a regional retail pharmacy chain in the United States. Fred's Pharmacy wanted to integrate their pharmacy management system with external healthcare...

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