Case Studies

Cash Logistics

Logicash a leading Cash Replenishment and ATM maintenance Services company. Cash Replenishment is a tricky business as acute management of cash remaining in the drawers and new cash deposited have to be managed. Also, cash handling with major corporates and businesses is challenging and risky. Any mis-management or thefts can lead to losses. On a daily basis, a huge amount of cash was collected and deposited in various sources and the biggest challenge posed by this company was to audit and maintain strong internal controls for minimal to zero cash mis-match.

The major challenges posed by this company was:

  1. The entire process was manual and the entries of cash received and deposited were maintained in excel sheets. This led to a high chance of manual data entry errors and other issues.
  2. There was a strong resistance to change from the existing employees as they were aversive to any complicated technology.
  3. The management wished to have a system which shall be futuristic and be able to handle various future modules and processes.

At Rite, we understood the need to provide a very user-friendly system, which shall be easy to use. Also, the core technologies were developed in-house to avoid any licensing issues having generic approval process logic. The entire application needed to be responsive as different users as different users with different user rights shall operate using different applications, for e.g. Desktops for office bearers, tablets/mobile phones for cash delivery & pick-up agents, etc.

Rite delivered the following:

  1. A platform and groundwork with dynamic approval workflow for all the modules required, even on future dates.
  2. Responsive design with fully integrated dashboards which enables the users to use from any state, city, region, area, from outdoors, indoors etc.
  3. A robust system which fully integrates with various existing systems with ease.
  4. Detailed audit program using audit logs at various points ensuring complete compliance and other audit requirements for investors.
  5. UI prototype approvals ensuring users to be able to raise issues.
  6. Complete end to end platforms for all the existing modules.
  7. Standardization and maintainability of new processes using same platform.
  8. A delivery and tracking mobile application ensuring there is planned delivery
  9. Reconciliation of all the cash and exception reporting and analytics.


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