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At Rite, we have helped service clients who are prominent name in Broking Industry. Rite has helped make informed decisions; after identification of critical processes, blockages and various challenges to derive correct solutions. Fetching reports of various types, for different level of users, different categories, transactions, for selected period, real-time and historical data, etc. were required. Rite has helped generate error-free, hassle-free reports within a click of button, for better client servicing.


Few important factors essential for a broker of a capital market business are listed as follows:

  1. Capture, maintain and store updated client details (KYC Details, Bank Details, Trading Account Details, Inward-Outward (Share/Holdings + Money) Details, Depository Participant Details, Type of client (Resident, NRI, PIO, etc.), etc.
  2. Capture, maintain and store updated levels of employees working in the broking house. Each level or hierarchy having certain sets of rights and access to varied secured financial as well as personal information of their end-clients and employees reporting to them. This information is very essential as it helps establish the various permissions and access rights. These parameters are very critical for smooth operations.
  3. Capture, store and maintain the different exchanges available and the different clients mapped with these exchanges.
  4. The various Trade records and Transaction records for each client are updated and stored on a daily basis.
  5. Brokerage Calculations are complex algorithms as every transaction is unique with many parameters and special logical requirements. Even a minute error for up to 5 decimal points can create huge losses and hence, immense care needs to be taken while running these calculations.
  6. Based on the services offered and the transactions undertaken by the clients, incentives are calculated for the employees. These calculations are also based on various complex algorithms.
  7. Various Industry and governmental regulations, controls, procedures, etc. need to be complied with.
  8. Different taxes, haircuts, margin-details, etc. need to be calculated and deductions made and stored in the system.
  9. Reporting is a very critical and crucial tool for this industry requires a lot of information from different sources. This information needs to be compiled in different formats based on the users’ access rights, and clients’ requirements. These reports need complex data extracting capabilities.


By virtue of our domain and technical expertise we have helped our client-broking house, update, manage and maintain all of the above parameters and many more. Rite has provided them with valuable inputs and suggestions:

  1. Optimization of their database for better performances of the various systems.
  2. Implement various caching techniques for quicker access and retrieval of data on a real-time basis.
  3. Using indexing techniques for better data management.
  4. Using various parallel processing techniques to crunch data into smaller sections for improvisation of report fetching processes.
  5. Using data warehousing techniques for resolving complex queries.


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