Scrap your paper cards, manual records, etc in facilities. Track your updates and progress of your facilities/hotel management on real-time basis for analysis and planning.

Rite Technologies presents a hi-tech solution for tracking and managing your facilities via integration with sensors (BLE), ensuring the app engages with your facilities staff based on the location and role they play. A hassle free solution that
1) Frees you up from managing any paper records, cards, or any other physical mechanism for management of your facilities/hotel on real-time basis.
2) Configure your facilities, roles, people and sensors from our platform and just install the app to see the magic.
3) Role & Location based function and data collection
4) Real-time reporting of who is where on the platform with details of time spent at the location
5) Easy reporting of any issues/problems to managers for a prompt action to manage & curtail damages.
6) Have real-time cross department/reporting reporting for exceptions and fixes
7) Ensure SLA driven solutions for your customers
8) Remove the complete paper-work involved for SLA on our platform

With our Kuru App you can
1) Track each and every employee within your premises on real-time basis
2) Track time of each and every employee per location
3) Generate tickets for cross departments on real-time basis reducing the TAT of any issues.
4) Audit for each and every activity in the solution for analytics & reporting.
5) Have wearable interface for the same app to function without opening your mobile.
6) Have the app running in background and only engage with users in case of an event or task in a configured location
7) Have BLE(iBeacons) based location identification
8) Present screen based on the role and location fit for your facilities

We request you to get connected to us by sending your email to sales@ritetechnologies.net
At Rite Technologies we deliver world class solutions and services to our customers across the globe. For further details about us please visit us at www.ritetechnologies.net for any inquiries or suggestions.


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