Track TT

Track TT is a handy, super-easy Table Tennis Score Board and recording app, that enables tournament organizers, academies and match officials to track and record entire matches/tournaments without a single paper sheet. At the end of match you get a complete score card for the match and an entire log for all the matches you have officiated/recorded with their results anytime for your reference.

Track TT can also be used by coaches/parents to track their student’s/kid’s progress across practice/tournaments etc. against particular set of players there by seeing the progress being made.


Track TT provides following features

1) Recording of details for Tournament, Round, Players, How many games being planned.

2) Real-time scoreboard with swipe features to change the score with ease.

3) Provision for recording a BYE or Walk-Over at any time.

4) Automatic change of sides on score board after every game.

5) Automatic game closure based on scores being played for game of 11.

5) Manual provision for swapping sides at mid (especially for the last game).

6) A complete digitised representation of any match.

7) A complete list of matches recorded locally for use in future.


This App is developed by Rite Technologies for support for the sports academies and tournament providers for a better and error free conduct of tournaments.

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