Scrap paper cards, diaries etc. Track periodic expenses using Hisaab.

Rite Technologies presents a simplified App for tracking your daily repetitive expenses. A hassle free app that will free you from

1) Managing any paper diaries, calendar marks, or paper cards for any of the utilities/services being consumed at office or home on periodic basis.

2) Manually Keying in price and quantity, making it simple to record and can be operated by even kids, parents and your office boys.

3) Managing multiple categories you want to track

4) Cumbersome record keeping.

5) Totaling expenses on weekly basis, monthly, yearly and overall basis


With Hisaab you can

1) Create unlimited categories you want to track and record

2) Create 3 types of categories, Service, Single Item and Multi Items

3) Create service category to track the exceptions for deductions for e.g. presence of domestic help in a month.

4) Create single item category to track consumption of items like water, tea/coffee, milk.

5) Create multiple items category to track items having multiple sub tracking like Laundry, service subcategory for salon.

6) Record with ease by just touch operations enabling all to use with ease

7) Reconciled expenses at your fingertips for Daily, Monthly, Yearly and overall expenses

8) Get expenses at overall levels and category wise on Daily, Monthly, Yearly and overall expenses

9) Long press categories screen to delete the categories anytime

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