Employee Engagement

Sports Activities


Though we work 5 days a week, the team is always excited for some sports activity on a Saturday. What better than cricket on Turf where every member of the Rite family participates in this event. This event is a regular at Rite Technologies where all employees join together with their Family & Friends.


We believe in Work Hard & Play Hard. We at Rite Technologies understand the value that our employees bring for our clients. And Hence the highly dedicated team diligently works every day. A short break with a game of Table tennis, Carrom, Chess, Yoga helps our colleagues to ease off. We always have patronized a Work & Life balance.

If you see yourself fit The Rite culture….. Come Join Us!

Diwali Celebrations

The festive season sets in and a different level of enthusiasm lits up in the office. Right from decorating the office to rangolis to diyas, this auspicious day the puja sets an atmosphere of reverence among family and friends/colleagues, all set to manifest the look by dressing in the traditional attire. The day at office is well spent with games, chit chatting and having fun which goes on till the end of the day. Not to forget the personal gifts & special lunch parties planned at one of the best restaurants.
If this sounds exciting, put on your traditional robes and spend the festive seasons with us at Rite Technologies.

Birthday Celebrations

Its Happy Birthday……… And we are all excited to celebrate the fun filled parties with cakes, cookies & a casual lunch / dinner.

Join us to celebrate your birthday with lots of fun.

Adventure Trip

Join us to with lots of fun.

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