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Dear All, today I am really happy to share with you a great utility HISAAB that we built for all the households and SME’s of India to manage their periodic expenses without diaries. This is a product of our Hybrid Mobility Practice at Rite Technologies and is available for both Android and iOS. The most important thing we have tried addressing is the ease of use.



virtual assistant for your App

Dear all It gives me a great pleasure to showcase how the Mobility and AI world using existing messaging frameworks can do wonders for your apps. It will change the way you engage your users by providing a virtual assistant for your App. This shall ensure their loyalty and continuity on your journey by ensuring the App is not uninstalled due to minor issues/challenges faced by them. All of us know it is difficult for users to make space for your app on their mobile device, and after making that space they do expect to be taken care of.

A typical question arises for most App companies: Why does a user stop using/delete an app? Some typical reasons we surveyed.
1) Find it difficult to reach certain features. UX issues. (We know that many apps have those issues)
2) The app not able to sort out questions or doubts in minds of users immediately.
3) Want of more features but difficult to get in touch with developer for improvements.
4) Ability to quickly report issues and expect action and communication on the updates.
5) Timely communication from developer with the user(s) for the progress of issue/feature request.

While we may argue that all of these are present and available via respective PlayStore(s) and AppStore(s) in some way or other like videos, rating, review email, website etc. Most of that is one way communication, the video just provides what the app developer wants to communicate not what query user has. The review/feedback is just one comment user provides and post that if the user is dissatisfied he is lost, as once he uninstalls the app there is no connection you have with him/her to get them back.

Rite’s AppAssit Strategy

Our AppAssist strategy takes care of communication with the users for their queries, feedback, and suggestions using existing messaging infrastructure(s) and AI, ensuring they are helped at all times like their personal assistants for the App, and continuously improve engagement experience and brand. It also becomes a means of collecting vital feature requests or issues. Even the queries being asked as help/training needs which are missing in your App can be quickly implemented for future requests from people with minimal efforts and avoiding tedious processes for app store resubmissions.

Our AppAssist strategy ensures, Help and Feedback being managed outside the App and also provide you a strong branding and a very responsive SupportBOT for your App ensuring you are in touch with your users and aware of their expectations at all times.

The biggest benefit is you can even get your lost user back again if you are able to communicate him and convince him to use the app again. Our AppAssist strategy has that in place.

We have been working on this naive strategy with many of our clients and will update our experiences with on how it has benefited them along with challenges. Right now I can share an alpha version of the HissaBot which is always available to you for our HISAAB App available on



Would be happy to receive your comments/suggestions so that we can provide improvised strategy for marketing, support and business growth for our Mobility customers.
Ritesh Parekh
Customer Engagement @ Rite Technologies

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